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The Largo is a versatile vehicle that comes in a few variants.

7 or 8 Seats

You can get 7 or 8 seaters. The 7 seaters have the centre seats that swivel around 180 degrees to face rear and have lap belts for this position. The rears can fold up to the sides giving more room making the rear like a van.

The 8 seaters have fixed seats which the end one folds forward for rear access and the rear seats slide back or forward.

Diesel 2.0TD or Petrol 2.4

You can get a 2.0TD which is intercooled or a 2.4 Petrol. The petrol has more power which is great for hills. The diesel as long as it's serviced well can have slightly better MPG's than the petrol but in most cases with an un-serviced or not looked after diesel the petrol usually beats it. Don't be put off by a diesel tho as a good service (oil, filters, air slitter clean) can put a diesel back to good MPG's


All models are Automatic. There were never manual gear boxes fitted to Largos

2WD or 4WD

The 2WD has better MPG than a 4WD. The 4WD feels better to drive as it takes bends nicer. If you get a 4WD or can only find a 4WD but want 2WD then don't worry as you can remove the front prop shaft and hey presto you have 2WD MPG figures